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What Suikerbossie Africa Travel has to offer

Danielle Coopman - Suikerbossie Africa TravelTired of surfing the internet for the ultimate holiday for yourself and/or your family? With so many possibilities you can’t see the woods for the trees? Then it is time for Suikerbossie Africa Travel: your personal travel agent and specialist for tailor-made travels to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. You pay nothing more than booking it yourself and you leave the organization and hassle up to me. Do I need to say more?

You want:

  • to travel to South Africa, Namibia or Botswana.
  • personal advice.
  • your travels to be perfectly organized.
  • to pay no more than a reasonable price.

Suikerbossie delivers:

  • convenience – you don’t have to spend hours on Booking.com and Google, etc.
  • certainty – you know it is well organized.
  • quality – it might look pretty on the website but in reality it is also really good.
  • reliability – Suikerbossie is a member of the Dutch Guarantee fund GGTO.
  • personal service – the tailor made trip of your dreams.

Booking procedure

  • After having worked as a tour guide in this area for years, I am able to tailor your trip to your personal wishes. I would love to share my passion for Africa with everyone who wants to visit these magnificent countries. With Suikerbossie you can be sure of service, personal attention and expertise for tailoring the best travels.
  • It is your dream holiday, I tailor it to your needs and you do not pay more than a standard holidays online or booking yourself. We do not charge for our services, but instead are rewarded by commissions paid to us by the lodges.
  • I always discuss the possible travel routes and accommodation before I tailor the trip that perfectly fits your needs. I have successfully done so for years and find this one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work.
  • Before you travel I always create a personal travel log for your trip. Here you will find route and accommodation descriptions, general information on the country you are travelling to. And, of course, several useful and good tips on restaurants, activities and special events depending on your special interests.

What’s a ‘Suikerbossie’?

‘Suikerbossie’ (Sugarbush) is another name for the Protea, the national flower of South Africa. It is also a term of endearment that could be translated as sweetie (to keep the sweet shade of the word). ‘Suikerbossie ek wil jou he’ (Sugarbush, I Want You So) is a traditional song in the Afrikaans language of South Africa.

Enjoy the music video of my favourite version of ‘Suikerbossie ek wil jou he’  

About Suikerbossie 01/12/2015